It’s our first tour together and we’re learning things about each other.

1)Things tend to get forgotten. It’s not JUST jack either (though he seems to be more prone to this problem). Gen forgot her suitcase with all her clothes and toiletries, at home, on the first day. It’s been visits to the drug store and thrift stores since then.  But among other things forgotten, are crucial cables, capos, shoes and guitars, some of which were retreivable and some of which were not.

2) Jack likes to sleep. Gen likes to organize. Jack likes to pack the car so that he feels he’s contributing. But Gen usually does it.

3) Jack is way better at writing charts then Gen, who has zero patience for it. It’s like math.

We’re at this moment half-way through the tour and have actually had a lot of fun, from a beautiful winery show, to crashing a house concert, to amazing wine tasting and nature walks, to an encounter with a cafe owner who was so thrilled to have Jack play his guitar. We had wonderful Canada Day fireworks, and some great meals.

We’ve been working on arrangements and harmonies for the EP we will start recording in August, and that’s always a bit thrilling to see a new song come to life.