Happy New Year one and all! Jack and I are thrilled to say that after many months our live album is out digitally JANUARY 10th! Physical copies will be in hand within a week or so as well.

Listen to Heartwood “Live at Blue Grouse”

Purchase Heartwood “Live at Blue Grouse” (we’re so grateful for your support)

Back in August we had a couple shows that we hired a band to accompany us, and on one of them (the first one, at Blue Grouse Winery) Andrew Brown did our sound and recorded it live through the board. We didn’t at all think we would have a live album but when we listened back after we both agreed that this was worth putting out. We didn’t have any recorded music yet as Heartwood and there were many songs at that concert that sounded great.

A big part of what made it sound so good was the exceptional musicians we had acompanying us: Ivonne Hernandez on fiddle, Oliver Swain on double bass and Billy Hicks on drums. These guys heard our songs and brought both power and sensitivity to them. Having such a solid rhythm section made us relax into the music in a way that we sometimes can’t, and, probably partially because it was our first show with a band, our energy was exceptionally high. I think all of this really comes through on the recording, and many times during the mixing process I said to Jack “It’s better than a studio album!”






We are enormously grateful to Andrew and Erica; Paul, Jenny and all the staff of Blue Grouse Winery; Oli, Ivonne and Billy; Wendy, James and Nik; Shannon, Steve, Larry, Cheryl, Morgan and Shawnigan Lake School, Daniel, Zena, Francois, Zylo, Oren, Asher, Joah and Teo from Twisted Vine; Gerry; Kay; Jay and Maureen; Chandra, Kelly, Laura from the Wild Sundays; and so many others who have given us support and encouragement in this venture.