We just came out of an exhilerating weekend playing two shows- Blue Grouse Winery Concert in the Vines and Butchart Gardens. For both these shows we decided to spring for a fuller sound and hired some kick-ass musicians to accompany us- Ivonne Hernandez on fiddle (who Gen plays with regularily in the Wild Sundays), Oilver Swain on stand-up bass and Billy Hicks on drums. Everything really came up a notch as far as energy. Certain songs really ROCKED with the full-on rhythm section! Hard not to want that every time, though we still love the intimacy of the duo.

Blue Grouse Winery

Butchart gardens

Gorge Harbour Marina, Cortes Island

Rehearsing the band


We also had a few days camping on beautiful Cortes Island and playing at Gorge Harbour Marina. We took the kids and played on the beaches and had a lovely show by the water.

Both of us were thrilled to teach at Jam Camp by the Sea earlier in July. It was a week of fun, singing, jamming and hanging out in Ruckle Park on Saltspring Island. We had some keen learners and put together a really cool song with our regular group. Songwriting as a team is an interesting exercise!

Now we turn our thoughts to an EPK video and making an EP, or short album so we have something to sell at shows, and something to show for ourselves at Folk Alliance when we go there in January. An EPK video will also be handy for applying for festivals and grants, all of which is what faces us, as usual, this fall. Jack heads back to school soon and so do my kids, and you can feel the change creep into the air in the evenings. Summer always goes so fast!

Jam Camp by the Sea 2019